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Jason and Michelle // Riverdale Manor Videography, Lancaster, PA

Riverdale Manor is always a venue that I love filming at. It makes it even better when Jason and Michelle had two of the most vibrant personalities I’ve ever met. It was incredible the amount of personality each had and I hope that you continue through life’s journey with the same enthusiasm.

Cinematography:Matt Stambaugh Media :
Photography: Michael Miville Photography:
DJ: Complete Music Video Photo:
Venue: Riverdale Manor:

Jason and Michelle // Riverdale Manor, Lancaster, PA from Matt Stambaugh on Vimeo.

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Matt and Alex // Harrisburg Wedding Photography

Three or Four times a year, Matt Stambaugh Media has the opportunity to take on a photo wedding.  Throughout the year, I have the opportunity to second shoot for a variety of INCREDIBLE photographers in the area, but taking the lead isn’t the norm as I mainly focus on film/video.  Off to Alex and Matt.  I don’t think it would be possible to find a more laid back couple, which made their wedding day so enjoyable!  I had Jeff Stinson on the second camera for their wedding (and which I think is a killer combo).

Starting at the Crowne Plaza in Harrisburg, PA,  Matt and Alex both came to the hotel and the party got started from that point on.  Matt and the guys were keeping is super laid back trying to tie a bow-tie and Alex and her girls were prepping faster than ever!  From that point on, we headed to 7 Sorrows in Middletown, PA for the ceremony and back to the Crowne Plaza for the reception.  Jeff and I were able to grab Matt and Alex for about 30 minutes to walk a few blocks in Harrisburg.  Boy are there some great shooting locations down there.  ALL WITHIN ONE BLOCK!  NUTS!

Once the reception kicked off, the dancing started and memories were created.  We wish you the best!

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StenMay 8, 2014 - 4:24 pm

Solid job my friend!

Jenna and Daniel // Lancaster Wedding Videography : Cork Factory

More often than not, I am starting to communication with couples via Skype. Technology is one of those things that can often times be a love/hate relationship. However, when it comes to weddings and getting to know couples, Skype is AWESOME.

Fast forward to Jenna and Daniel’s wedding day, I must say they were the most laid back couple I’ve ever had the chance to work with. The weather was amazing for the first spring wedding of the year and the light was incredible as well. With a spring breeze and warm temps and a blue sky, everyone had smiles galore.  How Jenna and Daniel met is really incredible.  Jenna and her sister were on a backpacking trip through Europe and met Dan.  Hanging out for a few days, it was history after that.  It really makes the world seem like such a small place.

Friends and family came from all over the world to celebrate with Jenna and Daniel. I wish you the best!

Lancaster Wedding Venue:
Central PA Wedding Photography: Tina Jay Photography:
York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and Hershey Wedding Videography: Matt Stambaugh Media :
Central PA Wedding DJ: Mixed Mixed-Up Productions :

Check out Jenna and Daniel’s amazing photos below and more here from Tina Jay Photography!
Tina Jay Photography 2Tina Jay Photography 3Tina Jay Photography 4Tina Jay Photography

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It might be a rare fact, but Matt Stambaugh Media LOVES to take photos as well. I had the opportunity to shoot a few engagement sessions this year and will be photographing a few weddings next year as well! The same amount of thought in creativity, coverage, fun and story telling goes into photos as we put into video.

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